Hybrid Maintenance and Service
Our technicians have extensive training and experience treating eco-friendly vehicles. To maximize their skills, we use the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment to evaluate every component–from suspension, brakes and high-voltage systems to complex engine and transmission repair.

When your hybrid needs expert care, Catalpa Street Garage is here. Not only will our transparent approach leave you comfortable with our abilities, but the conscientious staff will help alleviate any stress associated with auto repair and maintenance.

Hybrid Diagnostics
Like onboard models, hybrids use on-board diagnostic systems that help drivers and mechanics pinpoint malfunctions. We can access fault codes, diagnose any issues, and even update software.

Battery Pack Replacement
Your hybrid’s battery and charging system are its lifeline, without which the electric motor couldn’t operate. These components, specialized and expensive, should be managed with delicacy, which is why we employ the most highly-trained technicians in the industry.
When your battery begins to feel strained or sluggish, our specialists can replace or remanufacture it to the most optimal condition possible.

We will service and repair all Hybrid vehicles, from the Toyota Prius, Chevrolet Volt, Ford Escape to all major electric and hybrids. Contact us today.