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The Service Reminder is located in the instrument cluster. The Service Reminder actually records engine revolutions and not mileage, so the mileage suggestions are based on average driving. If you drive hard, or you don’t drive much, the mileage between services may differ.

For most models, the basic schedule is oil at 5000 miles, interim oil and filter change at another 5000 miles. Service number one is at 15,000 and service number two is at 30,000 miles.


There are also two services that need to be done every two years reguardless of the mileage. They are the coolant flush and the brake fluid flush.


If your car has an automatic transmission,the service on it should be preformed initially at 15,000 miles,then at 30,000 mile increments. This differs from just changing the transmission fluid (which we do at each full service). In the automatic transmission service, the transmission pan is removed and cleaned and a new filter (screen) is installed. This is to ensure that the fluid is circulated properly throughout the transmission, and no restrictions have been lodged in the filter.
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Not So Maintenance Free

Recently the factory has introduced a “maintenance free” transmission which they say requires no service. We have been finding that premature failure is occurring on these transmissions which are quite costly to replace. We are recommending that these be serviced as well to prolong the life of your transmission.

– 325 (84-91), 524TD, 528E

On cars that have a valve interference engine and use a rubber timing belt, it is very important that the timing belt be changed each 50,000 miles or 4 years, whichever comes first. It has been our experience that this is very important. Do not run them over 4 years or in mileage or a costly repair will result.