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In our past 30+ years in business, we have always specialized strictly on BMW service, becoming the largest and oldest independent BMW specialist in the area.

Over the past few years we have constantly been asked by our BMW customers to service their Minis. We have, up until now, declined to do this, believing that we did not have the resources to provide the level of service to Mini customers that we have given to our BMW customers over the years.

Recently we have noticed an increase in interest about Mini service by not only our BMW customers, but Mini owners in general. We decided to look into the possibility of working on Minis and found some interesting facts.

While Minis are built in the U.K., the company is owned by BMW and operates as a subsidiary. This allows Mini to use much of the same engineering and technologies as BMW. BMWs and Minis share the same basic computer and diagnostic system and specialized equipment that we already have, and use on a daily basis for BMWs.

The Mini parts distribution system is well developed, and parallels to BMW parts system making it easy to identify and get the parts we need quickly. The Mini repair technical information system (repair procedures and specifications) is already included in our BMW database and is very similar to the BMW system we’ve been using for years.

We believe it is well within our capabilities to deliver high quality Mini service at a competitive price. We look forward to servicing your Mini, and invite you to call 831-464-2269 for an appointment at your convenience.
Thanks for your interest.

Wayne Strong
Owner-Catalpa St. Garage