Volkswagen / Audi Service and Repair

At Catalpa Street Garage, we love working on European cars.

Our line of comprehensive diagnostic and repair services is backed by decades of hands-on experience. We only work with and employ technicians who have a deep understanding of cars and who have worked in the industry for years. Those decades of combined experience is what allows us to provide Volkswagen and Audi repair services that meet and exceed the quality you might expect from a factory dealership.

Understanding European cars is a passion. The engineering, tuning, and mechanics of cars like Volkswagen, Audi, and other European luxury cars are unique, and as such, require a deep knowledge when diagnosing and repairing. The overall health of your car is our main concern. Whether we're efficiently diagnosing issues, providing superior service and maintenance, or effectively handling repairs, this is our job and we're darn good at it.

Volkswagen and Audi Service and Preventative Maintenance

We're a family run, local repair shop that understands the importance of maintenance and safety standards when it comes to your automobile. Regular, preventative maintenance is the number one way to keep your car working and reliable. We offer a series of maintenance services designed to address your car's needs, regardless of where it is in its lifecycle.

We strive to meet and exceed the level of service that you expect to come with the purchase of a luxury vehicle like a Volkswagen or Audi. Your safety and satisfaction is our chief concern. We want you to feel confident in the services we provide from the time you drop your car off until it's picked up from our workshop.

Volkswagen and Audi Diagnostics

Experience is critical when trying diagnose problems with your Volkswagen or Audi. We have over three decades of combined experience allowing us to quickly and efficiently assess issues and provide the best options for repair and resolution.