Mini Cooper Repair Shop with ASE Certified Mechanics

Catalpa Street Garage specializes in German car service and repair including all Mini Cooper vehicles. Because our ASE certified, and factory trained technicians use Mini Cooper specific parts, diagnostic tools and equipment, we are your local  dealer alternative to a Mini Cooper dealership offering you dealership quality at competitive pricing.

We understand why customers love their Mini. Known for smooth handling and responsive maneuverability, the Mini provides an exhilarating driving experience for the Mini owner. The Mini Cooper provide a car capable of strong performance without sacrificing comfort and quality. Because it is so easy to enjoy the performance of your Mini it is easy to put a lot of wear and tear on your car’s brakes and suspension, and the car’s drive train, which makes performing routine maintenance even more important.

Catalpa Street Garage is a leader in providing high quality,  Mini Cooper service and repairs in the Santa Cruz region and surrounding cities. We focus on service that reduces your overall maintenance and repair costs by performing scheduled manufacturer maintenance services. We are a full service auto repair shop specializing in all BMW, VW, Audi, Mercedes, Volvo and Mini Cooper vehicles.

Our expert Mini Cooper mechanics offer Mini owners throughout Santa Cruz and Monterey counties with reliable and affordable services to help keep your car in top condition.

Because your Mini Cooper vehicle has a unique, rather complex computer system, it needs special factory diagnostic tools and scanners to diagnosis potential and actual problems. Catalpa Street Garage has ALL the factory diagnostic tools and scanners that a Mini Cooper dealer has in order to properly diagnose your Mini Cooper.  These tools give Catalpa Street Garage the capability to read your codes, accurately diagnose the problem and efficiently repair your Mini Cooper. Catalpa Street Garage has invested in these tools because we truly care for our customers and their car care experience.

Our comprehensive Mini Cooper services include:

Mini Cooper Engine-Emissions-Fuel Injection

  • Engine Performance Service
  • Emission Controls
  • Fuel Pump testing
  • Fuel injection Service/Component Analysis
  • Fuel Tank Replacement
  • Fuel Tank/Gas Gauge Sending Unit Service
  • Vacuum Leaks Diagnose w/smoke Detection
  • Diesel Injection Service
  • Fuel Injection System Cleaning/Flushing; Flow Testing; Diagnosis

Mini Cooper Air Conditioner Servicing

  • R-134a and R12 refrigerant service
  • System performance Testing/Fluorescent Leak Detection Dye
  • Electrical system failure; tracing provided
  • Evaporator, Compresser, Condenser, Drier, A/C Hoses and all components
  • A/C Evacuate and Recharge System

Mini Cooper General and Specialty Services

  • Battery Replacement/Charging
  • Exhaust System repairs
  • Glass/Window Repair and Replacements
  • Valve Carbon Cleaning

Mini Cooper Electrical Circuits-Switches-Electronics

  • Power Windows, doors, seats
  • Airbag fault diagnosis
  • Seat Mat sensors
  • Seat Heaters
  • Seat back release cables
  • Re-wiring Harness Damage (Optic repair)
  • Electrical shorts and tracing
  • Dash Gauges, Switch and component servicing/repair
  • Keyless Entry System Diagnosis
  • Key Fob Re-Programming
  • Electronic Key Replacement
  • Computer Controlled Circuit Repairs

Mini Cooper Brake Systems-Axle-Wheels

  • Disc Brake Replacement
  • Emergency Brake
  • Master Cylinder/Brake Bleeding
  • Suspension Inspection/Service
  • Differential Repairs
  • CV Axle/ Boot Service (Front and Rear)
  • Brake Calipers/ Wheel Cylinders
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • ABS Diagnosis and Repair
  • Power Steering Flush

Mini Cooper Convertible Top/Headliner Repair

  • Tension Rope
  • Sensors/Switches
  • Drive Motor
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • String Kits
  • Rear Windows
  • Leak detection/Seals/Adjustments
  • Sunroof liners
  • Headliner replacement/repair

Mini Cooper Maintenance Schedule

Inspection maintenance interval as required by instrument counter:
Driving pattern and condition based intervals are monitored for the next required Mini maintenance interval. Parts replacement is outlined in owner’s manual. Complete mechanical vehicle safety check and electrical scans as service interval factory requirement performed.

Low mileage annual oil changes per factory requirement:
Keeping the correct quality oil with factory chemical requirements is essential for long engine life to avoid internal sludge damage. Annual oil change required if mileage for regular service interval is not achieved. Required filters & oils inside the factory maintenance schedules replaced as needed. Complete mechanical vehicle safety check and electrical scans as service interval factory requirement performed.

Bi-annual brake fluid system flush:
Moisture accumulates in the brake fluid and if left too long in system over time, causes corrosion to critical moving parts. These moving parts bind and freeze-up causing stopping distance and safety to be affected.

Tri-annual coolant system flush:
Factory long life factory required coolant/antifreeze (blue) ensures system longevity. Mixing other types of non-factory designed fluid will sludge and become syrup like, causing system collapse and unnecessary added expense. Antifreeze/coolant system protection becomes weak and will not dissipate heat or freezing temperatures as needed. Cooling system left unattended will also corrode associated parts and heavy metal build-up in radiator, heater and engine passages will cause restriction leading to failures.

CBS (conditional based service) per instrument maintenance counter:
This system picks the needed single component as required for replacement or calibration per vehicle monitored system for replacement. MINI has pre-programmed monitors that can immediately turn on a dash maintenance message for service requirements.

60K-100K Mile Spark Plug service:
Long Life MINI factory quality spark plugs are required parts and essential for best performance and reliability. Aftermarket plugs can cause internal engine damage and unnecessary repair expense.

100K Fuel Filter Service on most vehicles:
Fine internal filter screens stop dirt particles from entering fuel injection system. Unattended, will cause fuel injector restriction, power loss, reduced fuel mileage and associated part failure.

Transmission Service per factory requirement:
All transmissions, stick or automatic need factory required service with filters, seals and gaskets replaced as design required. Different transmission designs need different service intervals with specific MINI factory oil requirements. Incorrect fluid type will cause irreversible damage and quick failure. Over extending the transmission designed maintenance schedule causes fluid to become weak, filters become restricted and internal overheating will occur, causing excessive wear. Left unattended, eventual complete failure will occur.

Mini Cooper Car Pre- Purchase Inspection

70 point mechanical/safety inspection 

Full system electronic scan evaluation including written report.

We offer an extremely fair price for an expert evaluation .

The PPI is usually completed before the sale—however; in some negotiations the sale is contingent on the completion of a satisfactory PPI.

Mini Cooper Auto Expert Services

Factory electronic systems diagnostic and programming equipment: We have the latest high-line Mini Cooper required tools for quick and accurate diagnosis to save you time and money. This also enabled us to communicate with your vehicle’s computer allowing us to update and reset when servicing alerts.